SIRIUS® PB is a brand-new model range of strings that differ from the original retro series, where the static base is already standard hexagonal steel wires wound wires from the popular Phosphor Bronze (PB). The SIRIUS® PB strings surface is newly protected using nanomaterials with using a unique Gor-NanoCupsuleSystem.

SIRIUS® is a legendary brand of Czech metal strings for acoustic guitars, with more than 40 years of tradition. Due to their pleasant sound, comfortable play, availability and favorable price, these strings have gained popularity in the Czech Republic and abroad among thousands of guitarists, from the youngest to the oldest, who associate memories of playing the acoustic guitar at summer camps, hikes, or hanging out with friends.

Based on the previous production experience, this series of metal acoustic strings is now being expanded with another 7 new sets under the SIRIUS® PB brand. This completely new series is fundamentally different from the original retro series with its metal construction, where the static basis is already standard hexagonal steel wires wound with wires made of the popular Phosphor Bronze (PB). For winding, a technological system of automatic pressure winding is used to achieve maximum tension between the supporting and winding wire and to achieve higher durability and sound brilliance of the strings.

The surface of the SIRIUS® PB strings is newly protected by an effective nano film against the negative effects of the alkaline environment and against oxidation, and a completely new generation of strings – OPTISTRINGS with a longer lifespan, while preserving the natural surface properties and pleasant playing of these strings.

All Sirius – OPTISTRINGS strings are packed in bags made of anti-corrosion foil, which creates a protective inhibitory but non-toxic environment by internal evaporation in the bag and in the boxes with the strings.

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